Tuesday, May 27, 2014


If you have been searching for the scent of that plant where you may have received your first kiss from, we have it in our candles and bath & body products. This scent will awaken the holiday season anytime of the year. This fragrance is strong and long lasting.

We at mountaincrafted.com have looked and sampled many oil until we found this version of Mistletoe that in our opinion smell exactly like the vine that was placed over the door during the holidays back in my younger days.

This oil has the scent of pine with berries and green apples blended together. To finish an already gorgeous fragrance, Siberian pine needles aroma has been added to the middle of this wonderful blend to even out this unforgettable aroma.

To top off this traditional aroma natural essential oils have been added, including Fir Needle, Cedar wood, Fir Balsam and Tree moss.

We tried this one in our bath products and instantly fell in love with the lingering aroma it leaves on your body after use. If you are searching for fresh, clean and different then you might want to give this one a try!

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