Friday, June 6, 2014

Tart Melt Candle Testimony

Good Morning My Friends at Mountain Crafted. I am very sorry for not doing this before because all the things that I am writing in my testimony is true, not sure how you make a profit because you invested in the best products, that cost, your candles are beautiful fragrances , durable , fine and pure I got what I paid for. Thank you and keep up the good work, I been delaying to place another candle’s order because of the great quality of your candlesand how durable they ar...I did not tell you guys to make such a good quality

Here is my testimony

My name is Jackie Grace
I just wanted to share this little testimony with all the candle's lovers, you people , lovers of health and good smelling real fragrances candles that will make you go ah...If you are like me , care for products that can contribute to your good health, If you like candles and had experience with your candle that the scent is not what you paid for check out web site, their candles are not smoky smelling, the fragrance is what it is, pure , fine, and durable , and about the size, I have to divide my tart in two halves because of the bowl on the warmer only can hold so much. the size is amazing compared to other candles i had purchase before. take my word for it ! Mountain Crafted candles are what they are, fine fragrance, durable and pleasant to your entire house.

If you ever think of getting some natural soap, bath gel , shampoo, lotions, with out the chemical that can cause damage to your health or with out preservatives , they have those too. Check out Barry and Debra Carver, satisfaction guarantee!

Jackie Grace, Alabama

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