Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MixemUP goat's milk bar soap

MixEmUp Bundle of 3 Goat's Milk Soap Instruction

Our MixemUP goat's milk bar soap option allows you to choose 3 different fragrances or choose all 3 the same fragrance. Each bar when purchased in the MixEmUp bundle are only $3.25 each instead of $3.75 if purchased individually.

how to use:
1. First click on the (Bath Products) category on the home page of Then click on the sub category of (Goat's Milk Soap).

2. MixemUP goat's milk bar soap is the first link within the fragrance list view, click on this link.

3. You will see on this page 3 drop down list views. Their names are Fragrance 1, Fragrance 2 and Fragrance 3. Each will be focused on the Unscented fragrance.

4. On fragrance 1, either down arrow or scroll down to the fragrance you desire and then move to fragrance 2 and fragrance 3 doing the same.

5. Once you have chosen all 3 fragrances you want, then move to the (Add to cart button and enter. You just purchase 3 bars of your choice at the price of $9.75 instead of $11.25 which is what it will cost if chosen individually.

Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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