Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Fragrances now on the site!

We at have been busy in the last few weeks adding new fragrances to the selection and we hope there's one you will enjoy. So here goes with what's been added so far and a few that are soon to come. Also remember if there's a certain fragrance you would like, just e-mail or call and we will see what we can do to find it for you.

Bay Rum just like at the Barber Shop!

Blue Skies the cleanest and freshest scent we have ever tried!

Blueberry the scent of straight blueberry without any undertones!

Chocolate Milkshake yum yum, give me the large size please!

Cinnamon Red Hot candles & room spray only but what a room filler!

Coffee just like a cup of roasted freshly brewed coffee, not bitter smelling!

Dreamsicle yummy, like the orange coated vanilla filling!

Grape Bubble Gum mouthwatering fragrance in all of our products!

Island Coconut this one is reminiscent of the Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil!

Leather smells like tanned leather, nice and easy in bath &body products, strong and room filling in candles!

Lemon Verbena this is lemon all over the place, fresh and clean doesn't give this scent justice!

Moon Lake Musk for both the ladies and the gents, nice all around fragrance!

Orange another straight fragrance without any undertones, fresh and uplifting!

Pineapple Supreme the finest pineapple fragrance we have ever found and we have tried many!

Pink Sugar words can't describe this luscious scent!

Siberian Scotch Pine rare and what an awesome unique fragrance!

Strawberry Milkshake must I say more? Mouthwatering!

Strawberry another straight but beautiful fragrance in all our products!

Oriental Cherry Blossom unbelievable beautiful floral with unique undertones!

Soon Coming:

Barber Shop 1920 this one is a fragrance that brings back memories of the fragrance the barber used on my grandfather and father. One smell of this and you will be hooked!

Candy Apple just like the red candy coated apples you enjoyed when at the fair!

Champagne & Strawberries a sweet blend of red strawberry fruits boosted by bubbling champagne!

Cherry Vanilla a proprietary blend of Debra's that can't be touched by anyone, she nailed it. Note: We tried many suppliers on this oil for the last two years and all smelled of cherry, no vanilla. That's why Debra has been testing this fragrance of hers for the last year and finally got a formula that is downright awesome!

Cinnamon you might ask what is the difference with this fragrance oil? Well, this cinnamon is skin safe and will be in all of our bath & body products!

Hazelnut Coffee one smell of this fragrance you will be rushing to brew your own real cup!

Nectarine & Honey huge room filler, nice in all bath & body products, you will agree a very unique scent!

Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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