Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Stockings Tart Melt Candle

If you have been searching for that just right holiday fragrance for your home or the office, we believe we have the answer. Picture in your mind a cozy holiday night spent sipping wine in front of a roaring fireplace with orange spicy scents, fir and pine fragrances from the Christmas tree along with an assortment of spices coming from the kitchen and you may have found the perfect scent for Christmas.

Out of all of our holiday fragrances, this is the most unique aroma we have to offer. We can actually smell the fireplace and the fruitcake from the kitchen. This is a long lasting candle and room filler. We carry this fragrance in our tart melt candle, 4 & 8 ounce container candles & our alcohol free room spray. Stock up today for the holidays.

Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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