Sunday, June 7, 2015

Apple Lavender Fragrance Has Arrived!

This fragrance is red apples with lavender & Himalayan ceaderwood essential oil for a subtle step down.

This is another breath taking proprietary fragrance created by Debra.  We feel you will thoroughly enjoy the scent in our candles, bath, body & skin products.

Holding true with her expertise, Debra tested and produced another excellent fragrance as she did with her Lavender Vanilla which many of you have been enjoying.

She started off with only a blend of apple and lavender fragrance with after testing in products she still wasn't satisfied with her results.

To my surprise she offered me another sample and what a beautiful smelling fragrance! Now this was apple lavender.  She told me she had added a touch o

This new fragrance reminds me of the many days I spent at the farmers market as a child and how the apples smelled that were packed and shipped in in wooden crates which gave them a sweet fragrance with a very light woodsy undertone.  Then the lavenders fragrance of the wonderful woman who always had the latest flowers in season available for sale in her booth at the end of the market.  You could always tell she was set up when you first entered into the farmers market by the beautiful scents of many different flowers in the air.

Remember that during check out you can request a sample of any fragrance or essential oil and we will gladly send you one of our sample products containing your choice at no charge. 

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Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!
f Himalayan ceaderwood essential oil to bottom the blend and settle down the top notes and I'm here to tell you it completely changed her original blend.

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