Thursday, August 27, 2015

Purple Aluminum Pocket Inhaler

We at Mountain Crafted are delighted that we can now offer this beautiful purple colored refillable aluminum inhaler for only $7.95.

Folks, like the plastic inhalers, it took us over a year to find the right wholesaler for these aluminum inhalers.  We wanted to be able to offer essential oils and blends along with inhalers when we first opened this business.  Everywhere we searched we found these aluminum inhalers costing in the range of $15.00 each depending on how many purchased and that did not include shipping.  The problem with the $15.00 inhalers is that the manufacture glued the bottom shell of their inhaler so that the inside glass jar cannot be unscrewed from its upper housing and be taken apart, cleaned and refilled. 

Well not so with ours. Our inhalers have a removable outer shell and a removable glass jar inside that can be cleaned and recharged with a new wick or cotton ball and your favorite essential oil. 

This inhaler can last for years.  The other types that are glued can only be used for a short period of time and have to be thrown away.  There goes $15.00 into the trash! 

We offer many different single essential oils & synergistic blends in our amber glass bottles which come with an orifice reducer   and a lock cap.  At these affordable prices for these oils and inhalers, these inhalers along with a bottle of our essential oil make that absolute perfect gift.

You can find this durable inhaler within our (Aromatherapy Products) category located on the home page or at:

Remember you can request a sample of any fragrance or essential oil and we will gladly send you one of our sample products containing your choice at no charge.  Just leave your request in the comment field during checkout when finalizing your order. 

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Barry & Debra Carver
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