Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mountain Crafted New Shipping Rates & Product Prices Lowered

We are excited to inform you that we recently lowered the flat rate shipping rates with USPS. You will now be able to enjoy somewhat a substantial savings in your shipping charges. Up to 5 pounds is only $7.98 within the lower 48 states.

We have also lowered the prices on the 12 ounce pump bottles of liquid hand soap, rich moisturizing lotion & foot & leg lotion. Also the 12 ounce sulfate free shampoo, shower gel & hair conditioner; are joining the reduction of prices in our 8 ounce jars of rich moisturizing cream & whipped shea butter.

We also lowered prices on all the essential oils & matched the prices on most all the aromatherapy product line to match the prices of the regular man made fragrance line. Example: If you are looking for cedarwood rich moisturizing cream, you now can choose either the man made cedarwood fragrance or the aromatherapy cedarwood essential oil rich moisturizing cream at the same price. Now is the time to experience and enjoy the world of essential oils.

We also carry refillable pocket inhalers in either plastic or aluminum for our large selection of essential oils.

These inhalers allow you to enjoy your preferred amount of your favorite essential oil or blend anytime you desire by simply unscrewing the outer shell and placing the perforated tip near the nostrils and inhaling. Replace the outer shell when not in use to keep the essential oils from evaporating.

Our pocket inhalers are the perfect size to fit in your pocket or handbag. They do not take up much more room than a tube of lip balm which makes them ideal for taking them along with you where ever you go.

We offer many different single essential oils & synergistic blends in our amber glass bottles which come with an orifice reducer and a lock cap. At these affordable prices for these oils and inhalers, these handsome inhalers along with a bottle of our essential oil make that absolute perfect gift.

Remember we can customize the fragrances in your products. We ship at normal fragrance, we can lighten or slightly increase fragrance loads. E-mail your preference during the order. Also don’t forget we gladly offer free samples when you order. For instance, you just placed an order, but really wonder what does that Blue Skies fragrance smell like? Just request a Blue Skies sample during checkout and we will add it to your order.

Thanks for reading,
Barry & Debra Carver
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