Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fresh Cut Grass Tart Melt Candle

We are pleased to offer this clean fragrant tart melt candle that is downright natural smelling, bursting with greenness and refreshing as you deodorize your home or office.

Each of our tart melt candles is hand poured using all natural soy wax grown by American farmers in the United States. Soy candles are Earth friendly, using renewable, vegetable sources and do not consist of any petroleum by-products.

Our fragrances are Dibutyl Phthalate and Nitro Musk free. Which in mountain jargon means it won't harm you to smell it.

Our tart melt candles come in their own individual cup with a snap on lid. Remove the lid, turn the cup upside down in the palm of your hand, press lightly on the bottom of the cup and your tart melt candle will slide out and is ready for use.
Place the tart into a tart melt candle warmer which melts the wax which then allows the fragrance to fill your home or office.

You can find this powerful room filling candle at:

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