Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mountain Crafted

20 New Fragrances Recently added To The Site!

These 20 new fragrances are in all of our products on the site. Many more are soon to come as we always listen to your favorite fragrance requests!

Barack Obama Type (For Men)
Black Sea
Camay Soap Type
Candied Apple
Donald Trump Type (For Men)
Downy April Fresh Type
Fresh Snow
Hawaiian Tropics Dark Suntan Lotion Type
Ivanka Trump Type (For Women)
Maraschino Cherry
Michelle Obama Type (For Women)
Opium Type (For Men)
Opium Type (For Women)
Pretty Hot Type (For Women)
Sandalwood Rose Type (In the process of adding to the web site)
Sandalwood Vanilla (In the process of adding to the web site)
Tabu Type (For Women)
Tomato Leaf
Warm Vanilla Sugar Type

You can find all these new fragrant products at:

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