Friday, November 29, 2013

Refillable Plastic Sleek Pocket Inhalers

We at Mountain Crafted are now able to offer you these affordable refillable sleek plastic inhalers in a variety of 11 colors for the lowest price on the web of only $1.50 per unit!
Our attractive colors are: Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

These inhalers allow you to enjoy your preferred amount of your favorite essential oil or blend anytime you desire by simply unscrewing the outer shell and placing the perforated tip near the nostrils and inhaling. Replace the outer shell when not in use to keep the essential oils from evaporating. Our sleek inhalers are the perfect size to fit in your pocket or handbag. They do not take up much more room than a tube of lip balm which makes them ideal for taking them along with you where ever you go.

You can find these affordable inhalers at:

We jumped for joy when we found our supplier for these refillable sleek plastic inhalers. The reason is we all here know how wonderful it is to be able to have a pocket inhaler with our favorite essential oil or blend with us and be able to use it at our discretion.
Believe this, you will not find inhalers or essential oils more affordable anywhere else on the web, at these prices, order more than one and introduce the wonderful world of essential oils to all your family and friends!

We offer many different single essential oils & synergistic blends in our 5 ml amber glass bottles which come with an orifice reducer and a lock cap. At these affordable prices for these oils and inhalers, these inhalers along with a bottle of our essential oil make that absolute perfect gift!

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