Sunday, November 17, 2013

What is a Tart Melt Candle?

What is known as a tart melt candle, Wax tart, Tart candle, Tart, heart melts and Melt tarts are in most cases the same. You can find our selection of tarts at: Depending on the company, they usually are around 1 ounce of wax which does not contain a wick and has fragrance and some with dye added. Which means no wick to light and no soot to be bothered with. Since these candles do not have a wick to light then a tart Melt candle Burner is used. These burners arrange from being an electric hot plate with a removable bowl, an electric burner that uses a light bulb for its heat source and a burner that uses a small unscented candle which is lit and placed beneath the bowl containing the 1 ounce tart. The heat from the candle will melt the bowl which will then melt the fragrant tart and allow it to throw its fragrance throughout the room it’s placed in. We prefer the electric hot plate with the removable bowl. reason is, no small candle to worry with catching something on fire, no bight light bulb filling the room with light and having to worry with replacement light bulbs. I use these 2 burners for testing new fragrances to find out if I want them in our line of candles or not. I make a batch of tarts when testing out a new fragrance. Reasonn being, I figure if the fragrance does not throw well with a tart, then I doubt it will do well with a candle with a wick. These candles with a wick are also known in the candle business as a (Container Candle). Another word you will hear in the candle business is the word (Throw). This word means how well the fragrance of any given candle fills a room. You have them with a light throw, medium and a heavy throw. Last please be careful where you purchase your candles from. Some fragrances have chemicals named Dibutyl Phthalate and Nitro Musk. These two chemicals have been stated to cause health problems, especially with pregnant women. Good candling and enjoy. Barry… Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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