Monday, July 7, 2014

Tart Candle Grab Bag Bundles are on Sale!

Howdy everyone, you heard correctly, the grab bag bundle of 10 and 20 Tart Melt candles are on sale and what a savings!

First you might want to know what in this world is a grab bag tart candle bundle. So maybe this description will help a little.

Would you like to have some fun, save money and enjoy new and exciting fragrances? Well, with this Grab Bag bundle you can do just that. How this works is, I first lower the price on the tart melt candles and I will do the choosing of fragrances. You will receive 10 or 20 of our premium tart melt candles, but you won't know what they are until you receive them. Why I'll probably place some Christmas, fruit, bakery, floral, sweet tooth, power house, summer types and who knows.

I can promise you this though, what I do place in your selection will be of the highest of quality and will have the fragrance of what it is named after. Last item, there will not be any duplications of any fragrance; you will receive 10 or 20 depending which size you order and then you enjoy the many different fragrances!

Quiet Note: I bet if you were to happen to leave a comment of your favorite category type of tart candles in the checkout comment edit field such as "Hey Barry I sure do love the Power house tarts, or I really hope to receive some floral tarts in my grab bag." I could almost promise your grab bag will contain many of your preferences. Keep this little secret between us and let's have fun!

You can find the two sizes of grab bag tart melt candle bundles on sale within the convenient single category of (Sale) on the home page.

Sale good for online or call in orders. Not applicable to orders already placed. Cannot be combined with other offers, including free shipping.

Offer Expires: August 1ST, 2014 at 12:00 PM Noon EST. So you have plenty of time or you can order throughout this month as many times as you wish and as many bundles as you need.

Here is what you will now be paying for tarts on this sale.
Grab Bag Bundle of 10 Tart Melt Candles regular price of $8.70.
Sale price $7.90 which ends up you paying only $0.79 per tart!

Grab Bag Bundle of 20 Tart Melt Candles regular price of $16.65
Sale price $15.00 which ends up you paying only $0.75 per tart!

Now is the time for you to enjoy your personal favorite fragrances in your home or office at an unbelievable offer. Again, enjoy the savings, have fun and good melting!

Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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