Monday, April 7, 2014


Many people compare the fragrance of lilac to a sweet rose with a hint of vanilla. The plant loves lots of Sun and has a heavy aroma that is very fragrant and clings in the air.

Some even state that the scent of lilac has a unique smell; it is sweet but not overly sweet and has a trace of citrus. It is fresh smelling and is a nostalgic garden flower.

As I have stated before in other product descriptions, I'm a tree bark or fresh out of the oven fragrance type fellow. But I must say that this version of our lilac is a very pleasant and not overwhelming floral scent. Oh it has a kick to it, but not one that will run you out of the room. I'd even go as far to state that this is about the closest you gonna get to the real flower.

I tried more than one supplier for this fragrance; the others I tried were to much like cheap perfume for my taste, not at all like a real lilac flower. In fact, you might want to be careful when you use this fragrance in our products, it might actually draw a mess of Bee's!

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