Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tart Candle

Tart Candle Bundles!

Hello everyone, I hope all are enjoying this spring weather. We here in North East Tennessee are enjoying the warmer temperatures, but we really do hope it will stop raining one day! LOL

Now for the changes on the site. I have lowered the prices on the Tart Candle Bundles because I was able to obtain the needed ingredients at a lower price by purchasing in bulk. I've also added a new 20 Tart Candle Bundle and top off with a Grab Bag Bundle where you can save even more on the 10 and 20 tart bundles by allowing us to pick and choose your tarts.

We feel it’s a fun way of testing out new fragrances that you might not have ever chosen and the best of it all is that this 10 and 20 Tart Bundle are at the lowest priced on the site.

You can find these at the Tart Candle Bundles category or at

So, need to liven up the home or office with some awesome fragrances? Here's your chance with our new larger 20 Tart Bundle and the lower priced Grab Bag selection.

Last new information about the site is we have added in a category for 1 ounce bottles of pure fragrance oils. Now you can purchase your favorite fragrance and with this 1 ouncer you can sprinkle some oil in your oil or tart burner and enjoy the exploding fragrance immediately.

Soon to come is our new 12 Ounce Ball Container Candle. I'm testing and taking pictures at the present time and will soon be placing these powerful long lasting container candles on the site.

Well folk's that's about all for now, so y'all take care and enjoy the change of weather!

Barry, Debra & Mariah
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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