Monday, March 31, 2014

Hot Cocoa

There's nothing better than a nice cup of hot cocoa to lift the spirits. It's old fashioned, I remember many times as a child enjoying a hot cup of homemade rich creamy hot cocoa.

This is one drink that never needs to be guzzled. One needs to sip to be able to savor the overwhelming taste of creamy chocolate, and smell the wonderful aroma. It always seemed to have the ability to warm up the body and soul. Rich chocolate, smooth and delicious.

I tried this in our goat's milk soap and Debra fell instantly in love with it. In bath products it smells exactly like a chocolate milk shake. I know, one might think that doesn't sound to inviting, all I can say is it's creamy, rich and fun.

Try this wonderful American treat in any of our products, I guarantee you will enjoy the rich fragrance!

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