Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strawberries & Cream


Folks I gotta go back a few years on our South Georgia farm for this unbelievable dessert. My great aunts had themselves a strawberry patch at the lower end of the pasture next to the barn. This was off limits for all of us kids. Well that was until time for picking and then under the watchful eyes of our Aunts Corrine, Freda and Peggy we picked the large sun ripened berries and placed them inside our pail. Notice folks I stated that we placed them into the pail, not drop them. Our aunts instructed us that if we were not very gentle with the berries they would bruise and then we could not eat them.

Of course we had our own milk cows and my grandmother and great aunts made fresh whipped cream. They scooped the floating cream from the top of the milk and I'm not sure what they did with it then, but it ended up being rich and thick and yummy! When it came time to enjoy strawberries and cream, fresh chilled strawberry halves were placed in a bowl, cane sugar was lightly sprinkled over them and then they were totally smothered with fresh thick cool whipped cream. As I write this I can still remember that unbelievable taste and aroma.

The reason I had you to travel back with me to the farm is so that you know that I am very aware of what real strawberries and cream smell like. As usual I tried samples from different suppliers until I found this version we now offer. You really want to know what a bowl of strawberries and cream smell like? Then you might want to give our products that carry this fragrance a try.

We at mountaincrafted.com are excited that we now can offer this scrumptious fragrance in most all of our products.

Now as for the taste, you gonna have to go and get you some freshly picked strawberries, a Jersey milk cow named Miss Dolly and some cane sugar!

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