Friday, March 21, 2014


We just brought in a new fragrance named Plumberry. I bet you are wondering what in this World does a plumberry smell like. Well, don't feel left out, because I felt and wondered the same thing when I came across this fragrance the first time.

My first reaction was to try and figure out what is a plumberry? I'll do my best in giving you some sort of description of this fragrance, but trust me on this one; I won't even be able to get close. This plumberry fragrance is unbelievable and complex. One minute I'm smelling plums like we use to pick and eat back on the farm, the next I'm smelling some types of berries and then out of nowhere there are herbs peaking their heads up to be noticed.

I can tell you this though, you won't forget this aroma, plumberry places its fragrance throughout your home or office with any of our products like it’s lost its mind and gives off a scent in our room spray, and bath & body products that smell so good you want to take a bite of it.

I was sort of leery at first and only ordered a sample size of this fragrance and boy was I surprised. When it arrived, I removed the top of the fragrance oil container and hardly could believe what I smelled. Folks I just couldn't hardly get my nose out of the container long enough to try it in products.

I reckon I'll sum this plumberry fragrance up like this. Unbelievable thrower in candles, a dream in soaps and creams & lotions with a fragrance like you have never smelled, fresh, clean, juicy, tart and delicious. This one’s a keeper in our line. Take the chance and give this one a try in our candles and bath & body products, I guarantee you will rightly be glad you did!

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