Monday, March 10, 2014

Orange Spice

If you are in a playful mood and would like to try something out of the ordinary and delightfully different, then this fragrance might be what you have been searching for.

Take a look at this sassy blend and you will understand why I named this fragrance Orange Spice. Here we go, this blend consist of valencia orange, sparkling bergamot, tangerine zest, tart cassis, orange essential oil, neroli, ground pepper, fiery chili pepper, and musk.

Now folks don't let all of those blends scare you off from trying this fragrance in our candles and bath & body products. This is an uplifting spicy aroma, that doesn't belong to the ordinary type fragrances and stands alone in its class. We have noticed that the blends of essential oils seem to create a fun and care free mood when we are making products.

Try this fragrance in our large assortments of products; we believe you will thoroughly enjoy the progression of scent changes.

What I mean by progression is the scents change in the products as they are being used. We find this blend to be quite phenomenal. For instance, the longer the candle is melted or burns the strong orange becomes less prominent and the beautiful undertones appear. We have also noticed this progression in our soaps and body products. By far this is one of our most unique complex mixtures that I guarantee you will find to be quite interesting.

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