Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cotton Candy

Now folks our cotton candy fragrance sure brings back wonderful memories. I can still smell and taste that spun goodness when I was at the Southeastern Fairground in Lakewood Georgia as a kid. I remember walking down the fairway amazed with all the brilliant lights, the sounds of the many different rides, hearing all the people yelling and laughing as the different rides were tossing them to and fro, the coins tinkling as they were being tossed at the stacks of bowls and cups. But for me I distinctively remember the click clack of the roller coaster as it was climbing up the first hump which soon would as if in midair drop down the other side at an never before calculated speed taking everyone's breath and with wide eyes and yelling at the top of their lungs. I will never forget the wonderful music the carousel played as the many different colored horses with mirror backdrops slowly circled in their endless ride as they moved up and down. I still to this day remember my own personal carousel horse that I named Smoke who was a solid shiny black horse with a dark red saddle with real chrome buckles and bit. I would always make a mad dash to claim smoke before any other kid did, because nobody could ride smoke like I could!

I remember listening to all the different announcers on the public address systems telling me to "Come one come all! Step right on in, yes you son, step right on in for only a thin dime, that's right just for a tenth of a dollar and you can see the wondrous Belly dancers straight from Arabia!" Or what was even better for me was, "Young man, come on in and for a quarter, that's right you heard correctly for only a forth of a dollar take five shots at the slowly moving duck targets and win that gal a teddy bear!"

Almost every one of my suppliers carries cotton candy fragrance oil and each is different. I had 4 one ounce sample bottles of cotton candy fragrance oil from 4 different suppliers lined up in a row. I stepped back in time and brought forward the smell and taste of that large spun pink ball of candy on that paper cone handle I use to enjoy so many years ago. With the memory fresh in my mind I smelled each bottle and behold it was the third bottle to the right that nailed it!

So I'm proud to state that we now carry the truest cotton candy fragrance to be found in all of our products. This is not close to; it is exactly like that sweet spun sugar I remember smelling and eating as a kid.

So if you don't mind please allow me to announce, “come one come all, step right up, yes you there, step right up and give this cotton candy fragrance a try and enjoy the fairway without having to leave your home or office!”

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