Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's New & What's Coming!

What's New & What's Coming!

Hello everyone, I hope spring has sprung in your area like it has here in North East Tennessee.

In fact, our yearly flock of geese just arrived this morning and I can hear them just a caring on with each other on who is going to get that just right nesting spot on the riverbank. Our flock of ducks came in early this week, so all with Mother Nature is as it should be. Give it about two months or so and we will have a yard full of baby geese and ducks!

Now as for the site. New things have been happening since we last chatted. Our store front has a new look; I hope this is easier for you to navigate. I've added a new line of 12 ounce container candles. Please forgive the fact that all of the product pictures are not finished yet, but in a few weeks we should have that accomplished.

We have also added a new little item that we hope will create a more pleasant shopping experience for you. You will now find the sub-category named (Sale!) This is located on the store front under the main category named Top categories.
Clicking on the Sales category you will instantly be able to see what products we are offering at a discounted price store wide. Check this often, I will be changing this regularly!

Coming soon is our aromatherapy Cedar wood oil to our products. Folks Debra and I made up a batch of goat's milk soap along with our sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I got to tell you that this by far has got to be my most favorite of all the fragrances and essential oils we carry! Well, you might not pay a whole lot of attention to what I just said about my most favorites, because to be honest, I usually find a new favorite every week or so. But, this cedar wood oil is wonderful in our bath products. It smells just like the old cedar chest I remember as a child that my grandmother owned. I'll be adding it soon to the aromatherapy line.

Oh I almost forgot, my western novel will soon be on the site. Before you ask, yes I did write and published a western novel call Barstone. It is about two brothers from South Alabama who after getting out of the confederacy when the War Between the States was over, inherited a large ranch in California and had to fight and claim what was now theirs. The annotation of the novel will be where you can get more of an idea of what this novel is about. This is the last few I have of the first edition and when these are gone that will be it. This first edition I still have means a lot to me, because I had a young girl to draw and design my book cover. Yep, before you ask, there is a picture of me inside and I will be autographing all of them.

I reckon that about winds up what's new & what's coming, so until next we chat, take care and enjoy this wonderful weather!

Barry, Debra & Mariah

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