Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Barbershop 1920 4 Ounce Candle

This fragrant 4 ounce jelly jar container candle brings back fond memories of my grandfather and great uncles after they had a shave and haircut at the barbershop when I was very young.  To this day I can still remember smelling their after-shave and hair tonic that the barber used.

When you add a light top note of musk and bay laurel with mid notes of amber and rum and bottom out with just a trace of sandalwood it makes this aroma irresistible.

If you have had the pleasure to smell the splash on tonic water the barbers used from the long neck bottles at the barbershops years past, then you will surely enjoy this container candle.

You can find this room filling candle at:

Barry & Debra Carver
Mountain Crafted | It Just Makes Good Scents!

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