Sunday, January 12, 2020

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Mountain Crafted Method of Product Labeling

Hello everyone, we hope that you all are enjoying this New Year. It has come to our attention from a customer that our labels on our product containers were not to their satisfaction.

It was stated that our labels look like something one would find in a "Hand Made Soap Store". This is true about Mountain Crafted, we are a handmade soap company; we do hand craft all products we offer.

We could invest in more elaborate glossy and colored labels that would cost over twice what we now are having to pay. This would mean that each product would have to increase quite significantly in price to absorb the new label cost.

We at Mountain Crafted since our very conception have always focused on what is inside the container, not the outside. We offer the best of 100% plant based preservative and all natural products that the industry can provide. We have never and will never will offer to you our customer a lower grade product. Our lines of quality ingredients are costly.

We do not mass produce products, each product is hand crafted only when ordered. This allows us to offer the freshest vitamin enriched ingredients that you deserve.

We openly apologize if you feel that the appearance of our labels are not to your satisfaction, but, we are still committed to offering a very high end product that all can afford. We agree that expensive fancy labeling looks good on your counter top, but, again it is we believe it’s what is inside the container that is the most important, not the container itself that in time will be thrown in the trash. We will continue to place our focus on the quality of products you use on your hair and skin at an affordable price.

Personal Note: My reasoning for what's inside the container instead of the outward appearance concept come from My Great Grandfather Willis Dunn. Papa lived until I was in my mid 30's. He owned and operated a Gristmill in South Georgia where I was born and raised. He would weigh out 30 pounds of cornmeal and pour into a burlap bag, and then place a small jar of either Black Strap Molasses or Local Bee Honey inside the bag depending on the time of the year. He would hide either jar deep within the cornmeal as a free sample. Hence, why we here at Mountain Crafted always place a free product sample in each order.

I remember when I was around 10 years old and always loved to hang out at Papa's mill, see the two huge Granite round slabs grind the corn, watch and feed the team of mules that rotated the top Granite slab. One day I overheard a man named Ben who was a nearby farmer ask Papa why did he use the Burlap Bag instead of the new flower printed bags that were now being used in products such as cornmeal, flour ETC. Papa told Ben that if he used the new flower designed bags, he would have to increase the price of the bag of meal and he just couldn't see increasing the price on his customers.

Again, hence, my policy of more concern of what is inside the container, not the outside. I learned at an early age living in South Georgia, that money is hard to come by. Papa taught me to always offer a quality product at an affordable price, be honest with your customers and always and he meant always remember the customer comes first. He said if I held true to these morels, I would stay in business. And we at Mountain Crafted strive to hold these values true.

Barry Carver

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