Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bay Rum has arrived!

We are excited to be able to offer Bay Rum Essential Oil that was extracted by steam distillation, not by chemicals. This is a 100% pure therapeutic quality essential oil and is from the Island of Dominica. Botanical Name:
(Pimento racemosa).

Neighbor this is a difficult oil to obtain in its pure natural state. In most cases this bay rum essential oil is mixed in with a carrier oil or placed in other products. Many suppliers offer Bay Rum Oil that has been extracted by the solvent method not by steam distillation. We do not carry any essential oils that have been extracted by solvents because we feel that once they use a solvent to extract the oil from the plant, then there's no way to completely remove the chemicals from the essential oil, which to us equals an essential oil that is no longer 100% pure therapeutic quality.

Characteristics: Light, spicy with a sweet aroma, some might say similar to the famous cologne. It has been stated that it acts as an appetite stimulant and to settle stomach pains. Also reported to help with general aches and pains, as well as rheumatic pains may be alleviated. Used to treat scalp conditions, dandruff and greasy hair.

This is one of my favorites. To me it's better than the famous cologne. This oil is spicy, robust and aromatic. I enjoy it in all of our bath & body products. This is not a strictly masculine fragrance; Debra enjoys this astonishing essential oil also.

Because of its reported ability to help with dandruff and greasy hair we have added this oil to our sulfate free shampoo and hair conditioner.

You can find this wonderful oil at:

Choosing one of our essential oils or blends in a 5 ml amber glass bottle and one of our either plastic or aluminum pocket refillable inhalers will make that perfect unique gift!

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