Sunday, February 16, 2014

We offer product customization

WE at Mountain Crafted are now offering you the ability to customize fragrances in any of your product. That's right, need something with a little lighter fragrance to it? Consider it done! Want more fragrance in your product? Consider it done!

We can do this because we do not make your product ahead of time and allow it to sit on shelves until ordered. Main reason for this is because once the natural products are blended, the countdown begins when it comes to vitamins and nutrients longevity in being able to help your skin. Second reason is because these products preservatives are plant based; again the countdown starts as soon as we blend the ingredient on the preservative longevity.

You might ask, "How about your goat's Milk soap? I have allergies with any milk products!" We heard and answered. If you do have problems with milk products, then when ordering the soap just leave a comment that you prefer no goat's milk and consider it done! You will still get all the natural ingredients we offer in our premium soap minus the goat's milk. Also when it comes to the goat's milk soap, if you have problems with colorant, then say the word and we will not add any color to your soap. How can we do this? For the same reason as stated above. We do not make this soap until ordered so that the product can retain its vitamins and nutrients your skin needs.

The last question you may be asking is, "OK, how do I inform you of my preferences?" During the checkout just leave your preferences of fragrance load, color or goat's milk in the comment edit field during the checkout procedure and we will customize your products to your personal needs.

When we normally make a product we go midrange with the fragrance loads suggested by the fragrance manufacturer. If you are fine with medium fragrance load then there's no reason to leave a comment, we will apply as normal medium strength of fragrance and ship. But if you prefer a change, we can lighten the fragrance or increase slightly. If you need to go more into detail about your preferences then you can E-Mail us your needs at: and we will craft your product to your specifications. We hope this helps you that may have sensitive skin or allergies. Liked we love to say around here:
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