Saturday, February 22, 2014

Honeydew Melon

We at now have the fresh and bright fragrance of Honeydew Melon in our line of candles and bath&body products.

If you would, travel back with me to South Georgia around the year of 1960 or so. You are of the age of nine and working on a farm. This day it is time for harvesting the Honeydew Melons and there's over an acre of them all neatly in straight rows that were earlier plowed by mules.

It is now mid-day and time for a break. Picture yourself sitting under a shade tree and with your old Barlow pocket knife given to you by your great grandfather, you take one of the sun ripened honeydew melons and split it open.

If you can travel with me back to this wonderful time, then you know what this fragrance smells like. Fresh, sweet and juicy!

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