Saturday, February 1, 2014

Electric Candle Warmers

We at Mountain Crafted are excited that we now can offer you a safe alternative to burning candles with our Electric Jar & Tart Candle Warmers. They produce no flame, soot or smoke.

Just place a glass container candle onto the ceramic hot plate, plug the warmer in and turn it on. The hot plate will heat the wax in the glass jar container, melting it and releasing the candles fragrance without you having to light the candle wick. You can use glass jar container candles on the base up to 4 inches in diameter.

These electric warmers also come with a 4 inch ceramic dish that can be place directly onto the hot plate. The 4 inch dish is perfect for melting tarts or fragrance oils. These warmers are made of quality ceramic, not plastic which now are commonly seen on the market which is easily stained by colored wax. These ceramic warmers cannot be stained, using a cloth or paper towel with a little soap and water or alcohol they wipe clean.

There is an easy to use on/off switch located on the power cord. These warmers use 20 to 24 watts of power according to the unit. These electric candle warmers do not use a light bulb to heat the candle which in time can burn out and have to be replaced. They are perfect for any home decor!

You can find our warmers at:

Personal note:
I have been using warmers just like these for over 2 years. I use them to test out new fragrances and in all that time I have never turned them off. These warmers are built well and are durable. They are excellent for melting jar candles without having to light the wick and allowing the candle fragrance to fill your home or office!

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