Saturday, December 1, 2018

New Fragrant Products Now On The Site

Ocean Rose
Has a marine freshness that’s infused with ozone adjoined with deep red rose petals for a soft, romantic airy, floral fragrance that we know you will enjoy!

This is a very balanced unisex fragrance in all of our products that is great for someone who doesn't care for the heavy cologne smells. A very clean and soft earthy, sweet and warming scent that's smooth and refreshing, woodsy with just enough creaminess to keep it more on the mellow side!

Cedarwood Vanilla
This fragrance in all our products leads to thoughts of being in a log cabin curled up in front of a fireplace enjoying the aromas of delightfully earthy tone of split cedarwood adjoined with smooth velvety vanilla!

Recently added fragrances:
Apple Cinnamon
Bamboo & Coconut
Champagne & Vanilla
Coconut Creme
Da Lime in Da Coconut
Evening Shower
Hot Apple Pie
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Key Lime Pie
Mountain Dew
Ocean Mist
Pumpkin Chai

You can find all these new fragrant products at:

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